S2 wheels = penguin teeth

After some alloys. Never been fond of the Y spoke, a pig to clean and weigh a ton.

Just missed out on some used ultralight forged wheels (as fitted to the Elise Cup and sold by SL), with tyres for £1600.

My favourite are the Scura wheels but not available used anywhere.

As we know, the 5 spoke 240R Cup wheels are rare/unavailable used.

Have seen these but cant find an image of them on an S2 Exige.

These are very similar on this S3 which for some reason i love in that cherry red against my storm silver.

Anyone have any wheels tucked away in the back of there garage?

Not selling I’m afraid, but I have the Scura/RGB wheels and if you thought the y spokes were tricky to clean these are the next level of awkwardness :sweat_smile:.

They do look good though and obviously a good deal lighter.

These are currently for sale on EBay:

Seen those on fleebay. A full day on the road to view and collect.

You just missed some 240R wheels, they went for an absolute bargain too (£1350)… I was starting to worry for my pension plans for the two sets I’m nesting on.

Where were they advertised?
I use fleebay and Facebook and hadn’t seen them🫤

I will offer you £1500 for a set of yours plus a set of Y spokes :wink:

I think FB. First I heard a lad on IG messaged me to ask if they looked legit, then that sale fell through but a friend then swooped in and got them.

Feels like most stuff comes and goes on FB now, including whole cars. I hate using it, but it’s such a big audience.

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I have these. The black versions are factory fit Exige RGB. I think black or silver were an option for the Elise RGB. I bought mine from Italy about 8 years ago for ~£1500 to use for summer/track day tyres. Keeping Y spokes for winter tyres. Seloc Techwiki have a good write up of wheel types and fitment. I took the RGB photos :relaxed:

Still trawling FB (i hate FB) regularly, not much comes up on eBay.

Twin spoke and 5 spoke are top of the list at the moment.
Not in any type of rush… home building work is keeping me busy😐

That was me!

I am finding FB is currently “the place” for buying cars and/or parts. You have to be… broad with your search queries.