S2 Water in Engine Bay?

Just looked at the silver S2 in EVO and wondered, not for the first time, about the chicken mesh grille on the engine cover.

Surely this is going to let in a tidal wave of water if you leave the car standing in rainy weather.

As we all know, keeping this area of the Exige clean is one of life’s more taxing issues. Factor in chicken wire and you’ve got a full time job on your hands.

Thanks but I’ll keep my polycarbed S1

Actually, I think it is there to keep out chickens…


Or in, if you really must!


Chickens eh? They’ll be nicly roasted after a few laps! Yummy!

I don’t think it matters so much on these as they have proper covers over the whole head and the rest of the engine normally get’s soaked as there’s no under tray.

Not 100% about the 2ZZ-GE but it also probably has a coil on each cylinder so no need to worry about leads getting wet etc… as well.