S2 Wanted

I am looking for an Exige S2, preferably an S240, but also interested to see what else anyone might be considering letting go.



The money is burning a hole in my pocket, but not much to choose from! :confused:

Judging from his instagram feed, I’d be talking to Jonnyboy so you get a call when he has something coming in. Best of luck with the search. :thumbup:

I’m in touch with JonnyBoy and WillB, I also have to factor in that my Fiancé is far from keen on my car habit, so I need to get her approval as much as is possible, which mainly means choice of colour, as that will make my life with my cars much easier :slight_smile:
She really can’t get her head around why me having two cars is a must!!
I’m working on it :thumbup: