S2 Tested

Well not quite Was due to test one this week but local dealer will not be getting demo car until end of month due to ‘parts supply problems’ - apparently Lotus can’t get the wheels - IDG have you got any spare for them Only 3 or 4 cars have been released to dealers so far (3 at Donington) - well done Lotus…

Rubbish! I guess they just want to show them off with those rather nice jobbies!


I tested one this week - in short:

I found it a little quicker (although difficult to remember how mine was!). Engine seems to pull marginally harder, and for longer. Low down, not much in it, although engine is smoother at lower revs.

Throttle response marginally better.

Brakes - plain weird - would need to get used to them.

Suspension - actually felt stiffer, but the ride was better.

Steering feel I felt was a bit more vague around the centre.

More comfortable - preferred the old way myself.

Looks - S1 for me, any day.

Overall a very good effort, but I’ll not be buying one new…