S2 supercharged exige - Larini Exhaust-Muffler "Group B / Track" for Elise & Exige

Does anyone have any experience of the Larini Exhaust-Muffler “Group B / Track” for Elise & Exige? It appears komotech dont do a dedicated rear box and I am struggling with other brands to replace my H111 rear box that is rattling.

A 2tublar system is not an option.

Suggestions if not the Larini? I dont want it too loud on road/track

My mate has a 111R with the Larini Group B/Track back box…. About the same volume as my 2bular 8inch and he likes the sound - his car goes well, so it’s obviously flowing fine too… he has the twin exit (Lotus Stage 1 style)

Should’ve mentioned, he was static-tested at Cadwell at 94db, I think…

this could be of interest Andy. Our guy is making some stuff for lotus now, essentially a tullet exhaust as we use on the VX.

Just put one on a customers 2zz Elise… Re packable etc sounds great, very much like a 2bular but wait times are less.

Performance autocare does he do a GT3/Rear Exit style one?

I’ve had 2 cars with the H111 system, and both aged really badly!

Why is the 2ubular not an option? I have a large 8x22” one in the garage I keep meaning to advertise. If it’s lead time that’s putting you off.

The h111 has left the building. I have a chap building me a new one with vband s I. It so I can put in a second chamber for ultra noise cancelling.

2bular - I have issues with his business practice. Not someone who I want to deal with , personally.