S2, Stage 2 exhaust

I am new to this forum, so bear with me. I am fitting a stage 2 exhaust to a S2 exige. having removed the right hand rubber supports the standard exhaust it seems impossible to remove the exhaust from the shaft. Does the left hand rubbers need to be freed first and if so how without removing large amounts of aluminium? Am I missing a trick? also the fitting of the new looks a little awkward. Once fitted the undertray needs to be cut, i have been told that 3/4" needs to be removed around the perimeter of the existing slot - can anyone confirm that this is the case.


There’s more people on here that know the S1 than the S2, but I hope you get an answer soon.

I just wanted to say welcome and thanks for adding to the community.

If you don’t get an answer, but work it out anyway, please do come back and let us know what happened.

Cheers, Ian

Thanks Ian, I’m going to give it another go today, as per normal its raining. I now understand why most get the dealer to do it.

Were in hampshire are you? (I am in Waterlooville)

I’m not sure about the fitting but you do have to make the holes bigger in the under tray.


Were in hampshire are you? (I am in Waterlooville)

I’m between Basingstoke and Reading, so about 60 miles from you (or a nice Sunday run in an Exige ).