S2 Stage 2 exhaust question

Hi all

I’m in the market for an S2 (currently agonising between N/A and S - the research continues!) and have come across an N/A that has the Lotus Stage 2 exhaust fitted. The current owner has tracked the car (i.e. it passes noise tests) which I was a bit surprised by, as I’d understood the Stage 2 to be very loud and not really track-suitable? What’s the experience of owners on here with the Stage 2?


I had a Stage 2, it’s boomy, deep loud noise and popped/banged a lot. Definitely not track friendly.
Found it rather boy racer, so swapped it for a Larini… I have a thread elsewhere in the forum.

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Thanks John, much appreciated, maybe the current owner has a different system, will take a look as and when I view the car.