s2 S back from first service (10k miles)

done by B&C, total cost �1003 - breakdown:

�360 service (inc spark plug change because its an S)

�303 new A048s on the back

�139 new brake pads on the front

�49 oil and environmental rubbish

�149 VAT

warranty claims:
*new heater control panel (illumination kept failing)
*new stage 2 exhaust
*oil leak in engine… replaced leaking sandwich plate (!?)
*new fan control module for air con
*n/s door adjusted for better fit
*roof adjusted for less creaking

it’s all good. great service as always, they even dropped my car back to me.

Why does the S need spark plugs?

Please tell us you didn’t spend �139 on standard pads

They must have taken out the std plugs and fitted a grade cooler at the factory? They must have fitted crappy ones. Normally spark plugs are classified as emmsions control equipment and thus must last umpteen million miles??? Std Exige plugs should last forever - I think the Lotus service interval is 24000 or poss more (I’ll check later)

also, gave me the ECU printout (will upload later) which makes for interesting reading.

and I got a full credit note for my next full annual service owing to having part-ex’d the previous car the day after paying for a service… if that makes sense

yes standard brake pads oh shame on me