S2 Review and Video at Pistonheads

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There’s a small wmv video file showing the car going through its paces on the open road - you need to be a Pistonheads member to access it.

From the commentary on the video, it seems as if the engine suffers from the same problems as most hi-revving vvtl Jap power units - that of keeping it in the sweet spot to get the performance.

That’s why I sold my Celica 190 - accessing the true power of the car on a road was like threading a needle whilst walking a tightrope blindfolded. My CTR fairs an awful lot better in the low speed grunt dept., however, which should encourage those of you looking to transplant its engine into an S1.

Having said that, you don’t tend to get such limitations on the track and that’s where we really need some more feedback on the S2.

how come it always fades the scene when its just about to get interesting on the bendy bits??