S2 Performance Pack

Hi, My first post here I live in Sydney Australia and am quite interested in an S2 Exige. I currently own a locally produced Lotus 7 type car.


My problem, the S2 Exiges the dealer seems to have on the floor all sport the touring pack rather than the performance version that I’m much more intereted in. They can tell me what the differences are but are unable to show me any pics of the performance pack seats and interior or the lightweight 14 spoke forged rims. I can’t seem to find any pics on the net either of these.

Can anyone here help out?


Darryl Sheather

I’d like to see some pictures too.

Been to the dealears this morning and they basically said its a new car and the performance pack ie harnesses etc arent ready yet .

Im more interested in when the engine and exhaust upgrades are available .

As its just too comfy and quiet .