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Bloody hell, a Frenchman with some similar views to mine

SELOC thread

Yeah but he is french, so what does he know

I thought Pesky was from ‘op norf’


I have replied, some valid points made but hey, each to their own

Is it me or does that seem somewhat fishy… Like you can’t help but read it in an “OutrrrRRrrageous french accent!”…

My first thoughts was a troll…

Just to keep things in perspective, I do think the S2 is a good car, & in the right colour, it certainly does have “presence”. It is a mighty fine, fast road car.

The S2’s power to weight ratio, compared to the S1, really needs no further comment.

But it could/should have been easily much better than it is, from a driving standpoint. Brakes, gearshift, heavy steering are, in my opinion, the aspects which should have been properly addressed/sorted before the car was released.

None of the above is to say that the S1 was perfect out of the box - far from it! But Lotus do seem to have lost a golden opportunity to make a quantum leap forward in terms of performance/driver enjoyment. Top marks though for the S2’s suspension & overall build quality.

Power to weight - at least the S2 HAS 190 bhp!

Brakes - excellent, but biting point criticism justified

Gearshift - S1 without quickshift/cable tweaks anyone?

Heavy steering - big girl

Driver enjoyment - perfect, exept brake pedal

Looks - personal taste

Conclusion - exept one (fixable, hopefully) point, and compared to the S1’s problems/downsides, which most of us here have spent a fortune sorting/upgrading, hang on, lets have a list:-

Brake pads
Brake fluid
Brake lines
Various add on aero appendages
Flap in intake
Plug leads popping off
engine mods
gearbox cables
Exhaust 1 - Standard, 2-No lets try supersport, 3 Oh sod it lets try aftermarket Geary/Edwards/etc/etc.
Rear toe links
Con air
Clam chipping (leading edge rear)
ECU problems
177 isn’t 177 brake
190 isn’t 190 bhp
Rear wheel sensor
Various stalling/non starting etc
Crank seals popping.

OK, I am bored now.

So in conclusion, what a load of bollox!

I still love my S1
I nearly love my S2
I don’t like BMWs
I don’t like Porsche
But some people do.

So, come on guys, live and let live eh???

OK, I am bored now.

So in conclusion, what a load of bollox!

I really din’t get this heavy stearing lark.Mine is much lighter than my 135r was on the same tyres, maybe it is due to tyre pressure. Anyway, if you are going slow enough to notice the heavy steering you ain’t doing it right

Ok Russ, the S1 is like a hot cranky girlfriend that has many issues but is hot where it counts.

You sound all wound up but I’m not quite sure who you were having a pop at? Not Dad, surely!?!!



Don’t worry - this debate is very much tongue in cheek (I can’t help being “pesky” ), so NO-ONE needs to get upset or angry

Pop at Dad, moi?Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. That Frenchman on SELOC is talking bollox though!
I purposely went OTT to show that the S1 has not been without its problems, but the S2 is being hung, drawn and quartered as poor, in public, on SELOC. If more people on here drove one properly, maybe it would get some positive reaction, if only the middle pedal issue was sorted. And then Lotus could sell more, make more money and build better cars so I don’t have to buy a non-Lotus to get myself into something a bit more exotic.

BTW, Dad has already kicked me in the nuts by way of revenge!

OK I cant resist it any longer

First I admit I am not at all the fastest on a track, I want to be smooth and enjoy the day without destroying the car - just too much hassle.

However there were 4 Italian S2 at Zandvoort last week and they were shifting - I was left for dead on the straight and on the corners they looked very sorted.

To add insult, their 048’s didnt look shagged ( mine did ) - and they actually had an exhaust that sounded good

Some pics orange and kermit and of course black

I know the marketing machine is in full flow for the S2 but I was seriously impressed - hence I think the French guy is … misguided …

yes Rob, I do agree, for that sort of money, they should have done better…


I know that you know that i know that you know… its all bollox…

The debate is really because we ALL really really wanted to want the S2 with a vengance…

Everything you say is, of course, true about the S1… BUT and its a very very big BUT… The S1 knocked our sox off the minute we saw it and if it didn’t then as soon as we drove it it felt like we had just done a lap of Le Mans… we all know this is why we love it… its got true grit and northern soul… the S2 needs aggression… its somewhere between slick German missile and boy band candy and this results pretty much in dissapointment… like a mouthfull of icing sugar without the cake !!

I for one am getting over it and its growing on me more and more… except the looks… its still S2 coupe…the Frenchman prolly is closest because its an exocet when we wanted something with a dual combustion ramjet dressed up like Godzilla… theres prolly a little prejudice related to the fact that we couldn’t have a non-jap engine as well, but i know they are difficult to beat and i’m sure its gonna be better outta the box than our British engineered/modified motor… but It’s got soul… in spades… up the revolution

Some pics > orange > and > kermit > and of course > black >

That black one goods great!

Rox - metaphor mungus!


Some pics > orange > and > kermit > and of course > black >

That black one goods great!

Rox - metaphor mungus!



Has anyone worked out how to rip the ABS rubbish out of it to sort out the brake issues? I can’t believe it would be that hard.


I would very much doubt that anyone has done this yet - warranty/insurance issues & all that! I reckon that in future, only those cars which are for racing only, will be modified accordingly.

Perhaps the “motorsport” versions racing in the one-make series in Germany have been fettled? But then again, I doubt it!

I’m probably talking bollox again, cos at this time of day, the medicine is beginning to wear off

PS Chris, I presume that the Nissan will be running at Donny on the 29th?

I very much doubt the Nissan will be ready for Donny as I’m still trying to find parts. There is a small change as we potentially have a new (second hand) crank and block but if they are not in A1 condition I will have to have a crank made from scratch - no mean feat as you can imagine.