S2 owners in Newcastle area

i would appreciate if anyone up my way may like to take me out for a run in there car, i also need to check there car will get up my driveway. i have been to f1 on 3 occasions now and keep getting messed around.
if you would like you can come to my workplace first to see I’m a straight up guy.
I’m coming from a evo and fancy something different, advice and a good chat about these cars would be appreciated.


hello mate. nice to see your from the toon. I am from ponteland and “Bertone” on here is from gosforth. where are you. we both have S1’s and they wont be seen unless it is bone dry to be honest I found F1 to be a bit strange at times but other people lobe them! more than wlcome to come and have a chat with me about exiges if you want, just pm me.


i have spoke to bertone about 3 months ago he bought glens exige from revolution. nice friendly chap, its really a s2 i need to look at, as i have speed bumps trough my estate and quite a steep drive. f1 are a total waste of time when it comes to selling cars, i hope there servicing is better.


i can help you, but you will have to wait a couple of weeks as im out of the country

good man, your a star. you can ring me at work 2763821 when ever is convenient


just replying to my old thread, im still hoping to get in a s2 exige this year, had a bit of a accident back in january, i smashed my evo up pretty bad, im now driving a cooper s until i have been to court.
i just need to cheak that one will get into my estate and up my driveway. i know the winter is closing in and no one wants to take theres out in the wet, and this time last year i could not get formula 1 to let me try one


where do you live?

i live in hadrian lodge west in wallsend, work in byker


Im working in Willington Quay right next door, will be out in the car over the w/e so if you pm me your mobile number I can arrange to pop around as promised


I might be able to help. I’m actually from Teesside, but I’m currently working in Newcastle - near the metro center. I’d love to offer to help. I have an S2 Exige, but its currently up for sale - on the forecourt at F1. I thought that by giving them my car would have made it easier to sell, but I’m starting to think that it could have delayed its sale. What do you think? I’ve got the option of taking the car back, or even borrowing it back for a few hours/days. If you’re really stuck, let me know and I’ll try and help. If its of any interest, I’ve never had an issue with speed humps, driveways, or multi storey car parks.