s2 or s1 and convert to honda engine

read with interest the write ups but every one with s1 says if they were starting out they would go for an s2 but then say they wouldnt swap their s1 for an s2 ! is this because the s1 is better really and your all on commission from lotus to move on there stock of s2s Ha ha

I guess it’s because if were were new to this we wouldn’t know better and would be attracted by the newer, more luxurious one.

But since we are not new, and we know better…

Horses for courses… depends on what you want to do with the car.

cheers for the replies. which one will bring the biggest smile ? will want to use it for some track days (personal fun not racing), some cruising, some touring and lots of posing and waking up the neighbours ha ha

If you’re inclined slightly to comfort (not too much) then goo for the S2. You can’t go wrong with the Toyota engine, and you can have electric windows, ABS and even some sound insulation.

If you’re more masochistic and don’t mind a bit more “raw” feeling go then for the S1. It’s lighter, carries a little more speed around the corners and you’ll need to get involved a lot into the mechanics, as trusty Exige mechanics can be counted with the fingers of one hand.

I guess if you take the performance of both cars away it’s like comparing the original Harley to a Japanese V-twin custom copy.

Performance-wise there is a bit more top speed on the S2, a bit more cornering speed and agility on the S1.
Same superb chassis, but you can find an S1 cheaper.

If going for the S1 probably should budget a proper engine rebuild (or Honda swap), Nitrons and A048’s into the cost.
If you don’t want to be involved into modifications or service, just drive, better go for the S2.

And finally, which shape do you prefer?

I guess that’s what I can think of.


And waking up the neighbours ha ha

If you go for the S2 then you’ll have to change the exhaust to do that.