S2 oil cooler?

I picked up a US mag last week and it stated (whilst claiming the new Elise to be clearly the best available drivers car in the US - if only they had roads) that Lotus’ response to the longevity issues with the Toyota lump was over-heating oil during high rev sessions; so they fitted an oil cooler.

Knowing the federal Elise to be slightly heavier than those on sale in the UK, this made me wonder if one of the weight(/cost) savings on the standard UK S2 Exige (or 111R to that end) was an oil cooler? I know the S1 Exige has one and the S2 perf pack gives it at least one but what about as standard?

For $2500 in the US you can also get a sports pack which includes A048s; so that’d be the Exige option then (without Gulliver’s coat-hanger at the back).


Kirk will be along soon i guess and may be definitive but i think the standard car has NO oil cooler.

The performance pack on the exige gives it twin oil coolers. For me this was another pi553r about the S2… ie does it need oil coolers or not ?? and if it does then i hate marketing trix like this.

I think the official line is that the oil coolers are recommended for track use.
I guess they’re also necessary for road use in more extreme climates than our own.

Rox m8 you are correct the standerd car,no oil cooler, only with the sports pack. Dont know if you have seen the xtrass leaflet, but there are quite a few things for track work now out.

That’s a bit pap then!

I’d feel nervous tracking an S2 without an oil cooler. Especially as Lotus know there’s a potential issue!


Cant be that much of a problem as the lotus waranty still covers the standerd car for track work

The warranty is only 2 years and are you sure it covers track work? Officailly Caterhams lose their warranty as soon as they go on track.


There was a big fuss a while back when a load of car manufacturers decided the warranty was voided by track use. Lotus made a few comments about it voiding their warranty, but they seem to have realized this would be a bad move because of the nature of their cars. Lotus policy is now to encourage track use.
I guess it might increase warranty claims a bit, but this is offset by all the extra wear and tear items which the owner will have to fork out for


Is this an official line by Lotus? If so, has anyone got it writing?

When I was naive enough to buy the 2nd year Warranty, I paid extra for trackday cover. I was fortunate not to have had to make a claim, not only cos there was no need, but also because of the trouble various peeps expereienced when they tried to make a claim!

If I was Lotus I’d only offer track warranty on the Perf pack. After all, that’s why it specced the oil coolers.


No, I’ve not heard anything official, I’m afraid I’m guilty of being naive enough to quote the word of a Lotus bod I spoke to recently.

It would be good if somebody could get an official statement from Lotus.