S2 Oil Change

Have to change the oil on my Exige after 2 trackdays which have turned the oil rather dark.

What type & size oil filter do I need? Presumably any decent filter is ok?

Also my car has the Performance Pack so has twin oil coolers. How do you drain these? There doesnt seem much point in changing the oil in the sump and leaving the old stuff in the coolers.



Alright mate
The oil will turn dark thats a given and does not mean you should be changing oil. I think Lotus recomends after 4500miles if you do track use and with the coolers you should not be killing your oil that quickly. But hay better safe than sorry!
I think the engine holds 4.5ltrs of oil and the coolers hold a further 1.5ltrs of oil. When the dealer does do this he will not bother with the oil in the coolers (this is stated in the manual!)
I would ask one of the S1 boys about how to do the coolers.


Thanks mate.

A lot of the track boys have recommended changing oil after 2-3 hard track days to be on the sdafe side and as I have 20 litres of Silkolene Race oil sat in my garage it would be rude not to!

I will be heading to Croft next month think while I am re-attaching my stage 2 afterwards might do the oil too. Let me know how you go with the coolers and also where you are getting the oil.

Hi Davey
How did the oil change go did you manage to get much out of the coolers?
Cheers Jamie

No idea mate.

All I did was empty the sump, replace the filter and refill.

I have no idea how to drain the coolers so didnt bother.

Uldis posted on a similar thread recently and said not to bother, just do the sump. The old oil from the coolers would be flushed out within about 2 changes anyway.

Car is going great anyway.

230 miles around Mid Wales tomorrow.