S2 Moroso sump


I have a moroso sump that is USED for sale.

Reason for sale is that I had a weep on the sump and I was convinced it was the sump. I bought a pro alloy unit and seriously lotus changed it over for me. They noted that someone had previously removed the sump and refitted it with a snapped sump stud on the block. This could have been the reason for it weeping.

I only noted the weeping after heavy track sessions, and after having the sump fitted for 18 months.

Please be aware of the above before purchasing.

£250 + postage.

Is this still for sale Andy? Was the missing stud in the same area as the oil leak occurred?

Hi fella. Sorry it sold.

For reference , yeah missing stud - leaking part.


Ahh, too slow. Would have had this. :frowning: