S2 Heat + Cool operation


I cant seem to work out quite where / what controls the hot / cool feed on my s2 exige. Acutely aware here is a dial in the cockpit but where does this link to?

Is it this arm?

In mine there was no physical linkage, it was a potentiometer on the dash which controlled a small motor attached to the heater box.

The solder had cracked within the control panel of mine which stopped it from working.

I know Rover cars had a physical linkage, but not sure where the 04 Exige sits. Quickest and easiest way to find out would be to take the control panel facia off inside the car, and see what’s behind there… I guess. If it’s a linkage or potentiometer.

Mine is a 2004, and it also had the potentiometer - no physical linkage - but I guess yours could even be a replacement box from an earlier model with a physical linkage, or just Lotus’s usual ‘what parts do we have today?’ mentality? :man_shrugging:

That linkage doesnt appear to move , or at least not a massive amount when manipulated by hand.

I guess the lack of hot / cold separation could have been as the feed pipe was off?

It won’t have helped!

Is there anything securing the pipe to airbox on your old exige @Fonzey ?

I don’t recall, I don’t think so but it wouldn’t hurt to get a cable tie around it if you can.

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