S2 Gearlevers

Further to the recent discussion on this topic, I’ve come across this on the USA forum.CLICKY HERE

Thank God for that. I was expecting it to be a thread about having a steering column mounted auto selector for a minute

Could always go for this

Could always go for this
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[color:“red”] Toybox48 Sequential Shifter $3,000.00

Having trouble going from 2nd to 3rd, 3rd to 2nd, or any other combination that doesnt seem to work on the Elise? Well, this uber cool sequential shifter mechanism will remedy misshifts without having to install a $12,000 gear box! A few of these shifters will be available by December 2005!

Does look interesting but agree with the trend of the thread - it does seem expensive at $3k.

Also, are the comparison details for the Quaife correct - " The Quaife sequential box is about $20K + 30 hours to install"

I run the Quaife sequential box. It costs �4,250 + VAT and took about 4 hours to install completly. The actual box itself is a straight swap, although the Quaife box is about an inch longer so it is a bit of a squeeze to get in. The tims is in installint the shifter and running the cable. But easily doable in half a day.

Oh and its awesome by the way!!! You will never match the shift speed with any kind of Synchro box. I have heard that early boxes (here read 3ish years) had various problems. I have had mine since about March and it has never done anything that it shouldn’t of. Plus on a recent strip and rebuild it was in as new condition inside. It is truely the best modification you can do to your car!!!