S2 gearchange

I am having occasional problems with the shift from 4th to 3rd when giving it full beans. Syncro doesn’t want to play unless I get the revs just about spot on with heel&toe - unfortunately my skill levels are such that this will sometimes leave me gearless, not ideal on track. I’ve been trying alternative techniques - a more deliberate and slower shift seems to improve matters, but with a well executed H&T declutch the gear can be banged straight in fine. Will the syncro free up with time (car has 3000 miles on it now) or is this normal with the Toyota box and I just need to improve technique?

Mines just gone past 5k and the gearbox is absolute precision every time so it could be something amiss.

I ve got the same problem exactly except it is third to second which is a pisser for twisty b road blatting, except it does as you say force you to H & T properly.

Mines done 19000 miles, already had a clutch at 12000, seems the drivetrain is the weak point of the Yota cars. Normally my cars clutches and boxes last forever - I m not a box destroyer at all.

Could it be linkage adjustment rather than syncro? I am thinking of getting dealer to have a look at it, but it’s not that the g/box doesn’t work, just doesn’t work as well as it should IMO. Therefore questionable if warranty issue.