S2 Fuel Consumption

What sort of fuel consumption do you get on your S2 Exige?

Mine is absolute crap at the moment and I am struggling to get 200 miles before the last bar on the fuel gage is the only one left.

This is even with ‘normal’ driving on long motorway trips cruising at 80-90 with not too much use on second cam.

I have the ITG induction kit on it so could it be a problem with breathing?

Also the exhaust tail pipes are looking quite black and sooty (only 2,200 miles on the clock)

I will be having a Stage 1 exhaust fitted in a month or so so will get the dealers to check it out but any ideas in the meantime?



I get about 30mpg, it’s dead easy to measure if you fill up completely each time, 'cos then you know exactly how many miles you did on the litres you just put in.

I’m sure I get nearly 300 miles, less than 200 sounds a bit iffy…

300 miles!!!

Average around 220 miles, less if I’m having fun.

Similar miles to my K-series Elise

I get around 260 miles average. This is a combination of thrashing on country lanes, motorway cruising, and driving in London. This is with a Reverie induction kit, which I think brought the mileage down a bit, but that’s probably also because I drive harder now.

What kind of petrol are you using? So far I have only used Optima.


i consistently get 190 miles before refill comes on which equates to 24.5 mpg. this is a complete mix of driving.
Motorways i can get 33-34mpg.
This is using tesco 99 ron petrol

I get anything from 175 miles to 230 miles from a full tank before the last bar dissapears completely. The 175 miles is pretty hard country road driving, and the 230 miles is pootling along at 80ish on the motorway, always with some form of super unleaded.

Do not use Tesco petrol it is absolute shite. Drove my mums clio 1.2 to brum on it the other day and the engine responded terribly. When I got back I stuck a tank of optimax in it and it was instantly more responsive. BP ultimate gets the most miles but is absurdly expensive optimax I usually get 260 before I bottle it and refill reckon you could get 280-300 if driving like a nun

ah but this is tesco99 ron which is technically higher octane than optimax or bp ultimate.
Subaru owners seem to be reporting less det/knock with it than optimax as well.
Personally Cant say i notice any diff between 95 and 98/99 though:)

I’ve been getting 160-170 miles 'till the light comes on

Maybe I should ease of the 2nd cam…

Hmm. Thanks guys.

Looks like mines about normal then. I have also had the air con up high virtually all the time since I got it which wont have helped.

Will still get the dealer to have a look at it when it goes in though.

It is ‘technically’ higher octane - but Tesco have been (in)famous for allowing water into their tanks.

I used to fill the Range Rover up at tesco - when I had the fuel tank replaced there was almost a pint of water in the tank There are also far less additives in supermarket petrol (engine protectors/detergents etc)