S2 forum???

Ladies & Gents.
As more and more S2 (I like to say Evolution 2 ) come on line, would there be any mileage, with the approval of the board administrator of course, in having an S2 specific forum?? I think it would be easier to pick out matters related to the two variants if another forum existed. Personaly being new to the scene and loving all matters Exige, I am eager to broaden my knowledge on both cars but think some would prefer a dividing line. Does this make sense??
Guy’s n gal’s what do you think. or

It was discussed in length before but for the love of me, I can’t find the thread.
Anyway, the thought at that time was that it was not really needed, as apart from the obvious differences, there are many other aspects of the experience with the S1 that the S2 owners would benefit from.

Try a search and see if you can find it. I couldn’t.