S2 Exige winter tyres


Fronts A117G0119S
Rears A120G6001S
Have no idea who actually makes them but anyone got them yet? I’m stil waiting for my S2 to arrive and keen to find an alternative for the not so mild weather we tend to get.

Look like Yokos to me - as used by the Mid Engined series boys as wet race tyres.

I don’t think they are the wet Yoko A006’s matey. Plus the A006’s have “For competition use only” stamped in the side of them, so I doubt anyone would sell them as road tyres.


I had no problems with my A048’s on my S2 over winter. Just kept at sensible speeds in the went and didn’t go out in the snow. Below is a reply i got from lotus on this subject.

"Dear Chris

By strange coincidence I have just been watching a new Exige lapping our test track at some speed in the wet, and thought how well it apeared to grip the slippery surface. Are your tyres worn to a degree where the wet grip is poor? We do list winter tyres (Pirelli Snowsport, 195/50 R16 and 215/45 R17) for the Elise 111R, but these are for conditions more severe than found in the UK, and intended to be used with tyre chains on occasions.

We do not offer any other tyre for the Exige, and would have though that a new set of Yokohamas would suffice for the mild winters that seem to be the norm in the UK now.

We only type approve tyre sizes now, so you are free to select a more ‘regular’ tyre in the correct size and speed rating if you feel the need, it is just that we do cannot advise on tyres which we have not tested.

John Hostler - Technical Service"

Like Pesky, I’ve found no problems with the S2’s A048’s in the winter & we do get snow (west of Scotland), it’s just a matter of being sensible just like you would in any other car in extreme conditions. Previously had an S2 Elise 120 & it was much worse than the Exige in snow or wet for that matter. I think you just need some tight brown underpants, their much cheaper than another set of tyres too!