S2 exige service - question

car was registered dec 04, had aftersales service march 05… should i have it serviced dec 05 or mar 06? mileage is not a factor as it will not have done 10k by either of those dates

I opted for 12 months from new, although I suspect it will make no difference either way. What does the handbook say, particularly concerning the warranty?

Again, I don’t suppose that matters either, as a disputed claim on the basis of 3-4 months & lower than required mileage would be a bit harsh to say the least.



handbook says within 9k/12 months of the last service

so does the after sales service count as a service, i guess is the determining factor

I’d have said the 12 months after the aftersales, as that was when the oil was last changed

Yep it’s 12 months after the after sale service.

given that the warranty runs 2 years from the day of first registration, and not 2 years from the first service i would personaly get it serviced a year from the first reg date. otherwise youll be out of warranty at the 2 year service