S2 Exige Owner.......new to exiges.com

Hello all. I’ve had my S2 Exige since May but have only just discovered exiges.com. What a great site!! So far I’ve been using the beast as a daily driver and after 8,000 miles of pure driving pleasure I still can’t stop smiling.

No track days yet although I’ve done a few in Caterham’s and did one at Brands in a S1 Exige with Lotus (not long after it was launched). Had the exige bug ever since so it was about time I finally went out and bought one.

Spec as follows - Graphite Grey (a so called extreme paint colour), Touring Pack, Air Con and Stage 2 Exhaust.

I’m originally from Oooop North but now living in central London (SE1) which does cause a few problems with the exige. Recently I’ve picked up a few nails/screws through my lovely sticky A048’s. Had two new rears put on about 6 weeks ago only to get a screw through one 2 weeks later. It couldn’t be repaired so I had to get another new one… Gutted!

The worst thing is that when I was checking my pressures at the weekend I noticed 2 more nails (1 in the RH front and one in the LH rear). They are both in the centre of the tyre so hopefully I can get them repaired.

Has anyone one else had this problem and where is the best place to get A048’s repaired in or around London? Any suggestions would be most appreciated!!

Welcome to Exige.com…sounds like you are really enjoying your Exige…one question, are you sure the nails in the 48s is a accident…you haven’t upset anyone recently


That does sound like A LOT of nails!? I’ve only known of one previously.

FYI - You’ll find noise restrictions tricky on trackdays with a Stage 2.


I thought the streets were paved with Gold not Ironmongery?

Does sound like sobotage though

Welcome to Exiges!

Should have stayed ‘up North’!!!

Welcome again!

That’s a stupid number of nails in tyres… sure it’s not sabotage ?

Thanks for the comments guy’s. I’m pretty sure it’s not sabotage as it’s kept in a secure parking area and I don’t really leave it anywhere else. Unless it’s one of the neighbours getting pissed off with the sound of the stage 2 exhaust!