S2 exige front splitter wanted

After an incident at elvington yesterday i need a new front splitter,anyone know where i can get a used one before i go down the main dealer route? TIA


Alas not…suspect it will be a dealer job…!

…but I was the other S2 Exige at Elvington on Saturday - kept meaning to come over, but never got round to it!!

What happened to the splitter?

Hi gary,my fault too as the time i chose to come and talk you were just about go out on track,and i had a few friends with me who all seemed to take up all my time!
R:E the splitter,just clipped the grass with the nearside rear tyre on the fast right hander at the top of the circuit and spun out onto the grass which took out the middle of the splitter,luckily it was a clean break and did’nt take any of the clam with it.


Ditto - with pals (the Pink 911 RS and the Blue Ferrari), parents, ‘rev-limiter’ and then more non-driving pals turning up…its a wonder I got any track time!!

Shame about the splitter, at least its clean though - can’t think they would be much from a dealer? and suspect the difference in quality would be worth it!

Catch you soon - are you local to Elvington?

Got a price of �339 +vat for the splitter today from williams in bristol,so i will ring nick whale in bromsgrove where i got the car to see if they can do me a favour and do it a bit cheaper.

Unfortunately not local to elvington,i came up fromm cheltenham!


Shame about the splitter, at least its clean though - can’t think they would be much from a dealer?

I appreciate that �339 plus vat (plus fitting?) ain’t a lot for you Cheshire boys, but…

You’re forgetting I was born in Yorkshire…

FOUR-hundred-Quid for a piece of plastic?? Sweet Jesus!! Is the damage really that bad?? Can you spell ‘cost-plus pricing strategy’?


That price of �339+ vat was from williams,so i thought i’d phone nick whale and see if they would do me a favour seeing as i’d bought the car from them,before i asked for a favour the price fro the splitter was �130 inc vat!!How the hell can williams justify that kind of markup?Wo’nt be oing to them soon for any more parts or service!