S2 Exige for sale

Series 2 Exige for sale. 1000 miles, Aubergine, Alcantara trim, sports exhaust, removable steering wheel, 4 speaker digital radio. Sad to part with it due to move to the USA


Now that Lotus has announced they will be selling the Exige in the states, you may be able to bring it with you. I would call Lotus and tell them your situation, they may be able to help with whatever is required to convince the Feds to let your car in.

I’m sorry for you that you have to go to the states.

Good luck,


Yep, bad luck Trout, you’ll be the only person over there that can fit in an Exige!

Yeah - was looking into taking it with me, but it turns out there’s loads of paper work and you still end up with the steering wheel on the wrong side!!

Don’t fear I have already found myslef a dealer out there - hopefully I won’t be without one for long!!

There are a few of us over here that fit into an Exige…

Yeah - especially in california, loads of health freaks!