Right if anyone out there wants one now instead of waiting my car is up for sale As I am away to the USA from the 30th of june and wont be back till 2nd september the car would just be sitting in my garage for two months pinning for me so, I am prepared to sell it and put another one on order for when I come back. So anyone interested just let me know

You must be joking!
you can’t stand see it not used for two months?

And what about your love for the car, missing it, the thought of going back to drive it as soon as you arrive.
Instead you’ll have a long wait until you get another one.

This kind of feeling never happened to an S1 owner!

Kirk, you trying to make a profit?!


too true Ian, i haven’t used mine for 6 months (i feel ashamed to say that )

But no way would i get rid of it

I know it may seem hard to believe but there seems to be a lot of people wanting an S2 Exige at this moment in time, And as I aint going to be here for a while I thought I would let someone have the chance of my car No Profit involved just what I paid for it I dont realy care if I sell the car as I LOVE IT AS MUCH AS ANY S1 OWNER LOVES THERES. But I am a great believer in sharing so why let someone sit and wait when they can have all the fun now

Well in that case, just drive it down here for Trudy and she will look after it for you Then you wont have to wait for another one

BETTER YET!!! Bring it to the States on a Temp Visa and I’ll get you track time at Lime Rock, Watkins Glen and a few other tracks…Heck, I’ll even drive it for you since my S1 is down for a few weeks!!!