S2 Exige Dark Blue, Reg WX04 PDZ

HI, Just aquired this car (replacing S1 Sport 160)from a dealer. Has been cat D spank but generally looks pretty good…had HPI check done and then had to apply for the V5, both showing one owner (Dick Lovett, was a demo, Touring pack plus twin oil cooler). However, from FSH it looks like it may have been sold to a bloke in Feb this year…but he never registered it (I guess V5 wasn’t sent off ever)? Anybody know the car/history?? Ta

Tony P’s old car. Was in very good condition before the incident. I am sure he will tell you its history etc…


That is right, his name in service book, but not on V5…strange! Car goes well, just a bit peaky even compared to Sport 160!!