S2 Exige at VMAX

Took my Exige to the Pistonheads VMAX day at Bruntingthorpe yesterday. First time I have been able to really give it some stick.

Absolutely amazing, The level of grip through the corners was simply phonomenal. It was one of the quickest cars through the bends all day and when you consider the line up included 2 Murcielago’s loads of 911 Turbo’s GT2’s GT3’s, an Ultima, 2 BMW M3 CSL’s and a Ford GT it was even more impressive.

There was one long sweeping left hander that you could take at 125 and it was fantastic.

The Stage 2 and ITG sounded superb as well, it even held its own noise wise against a Tubi equipped 360

I did manage to breach the lofty grip levels once though while getting a bit over ambitious against a 911 Turbo.

Short clip of it here:


The camera angle is deceptive as I was quite a long way from the Porsche. Only 2 cars go together and just do 1 lap each at a time. You have to stay in your own half of the runway so theres plenty of room as its 60 metres wide.

Cant wait to get out on track again now even though my rear tyres are looling a bit dodgy after 3,500 miles (1,000 of which were gentle running in miles)

Honestly, you should have got the Turbo! It should take a well driven GT3 to inch anyway from an Exige, with only really the GT3RS giving it serious problems.

I love Porsche baiting.

[DISCALIMER - Only travel at a speed you are comfortable with on trackdays ]


Looks like it was a good day out…Nice video clip!
How did you spin? Did you lift off…or just out of tyre grip?

Good to hear you went for the Stage 2!!!

It’s always a good day at Brunters with Craig and his gang, I have been to a few of the earlier events with the the audi rs lads, fastest I have been down the strip is with Adma in his 360 clocking 188.

Shame about the spin as it looked like the car was taking a lovely tight line on the inside there, just very lucky that the porsche wasn’t a second behind you!!!

I cant remembr now which vmax it was (4 or 5) but a guy in a tvr had the whole rear windscreen ripped out the back of the car while doing 160 past the timing gear, must of scared the crap out of him…

Did you lift off…or just out of tyre grip?

Back end looks a little light, lift off oversteer?