s2 exige 48's vs Conti's (my experience on track)

following on from my previous thread(ARDS test)Yesterday I got to drive 2 s2 exige’s one had conti’s and the other had 48’s the differences were amazing, I drove on the conti’s first and felt a little uneasy missing the apex of the corners on a regular basis(probably due to lack of talent aswell), I had so much more confidence on the 48’s the ride was firmer and the car did what you wanted it to do and was going faster and faster every lap.

That’s why we all pays a pretty penny for 'em!

If they were crap and expensive, you’d soon hear about it!

I’ve just ordered a new pair of 048 rears for my S1 from BaT. They have just come into stock and are still �310 a pair inc. delivery and VAT which seems pretty good.