S2 Exige - 350hp

I have now advertised my Exige. I had it back out of storage for a blast over the weekend, but I don’t have the space to keep it and use it as much as I’d like, so it will only end up back in storage not getting used.

It’s currently advertised for £34,500. Appreciate that is strong money, but it reflects the great spec, and the reluctant sale.


Lotus 240R Forged Alloy Wheels

Avon ZZR Tyres

Reverie Lotus 211 carbon rear wing

Lightweight engine cover converter to aerocatch mounts.

Halo LED daytime running lights

Carbon side pods

Carbon access panels

Extended diffuser

Rear panel delete

Chassis, Suspension and Brakes:

Custom Cages rear roll cage.

Engine bulkhead moved forward

Rose jointed wishbones

Ohlins 46mm GT Spec 2 way dampers

Eibach springs. 425 front, 550 rear

Lotus/AP Racing 4 pot front calipers

Original Lotus 2 pot calipers moved to rear. Handbrake retained.

315mm Alcon front disks

Performance Friction Brake Pads

Braided brake lines

SSC Uprated Brake Master Cylinder

High camber steering arms

Raised steering rack

Adjustable front anti roll bar.

Sector 111 rear suspension brace bar.

100mm/105mm ride height


Radio and Speakers removed

Reverie Carbon Fibre Steering wheel on quick release boss

SPA Oil Temperature and Pressure gauge

Race Technology Dash 4, and DL1 data logging

Lifeline zero 360 fire extinguisher

6 point Schroth race harnesses

Reverie Mulsanne Carbon Seats with custom alcantara padding

Carpets and sound deadening removed

Engine and Drive Train:

Sleeved block

Ported and polished head

Race valves

Low compression pistons

Uprated rods

Lightened and balanced crank

Dry sump system

Laminova oil cooling with additional air to oil radiator

50mm triple pass radiator

TVS 1320 supercharger

Charge cooler with front mount radiator

Cold air induction system.

Ecumaster EMU Black engine management

Catch cans

2bular custom exhaust manifold

Track day friendly tullett custom 3″ exhaust system with two full width silencer boxes.

Gearbox uprated (Jubu 3rd, 4th, and final drive)

Celica 190 6th gear

Quaife ATB differential

Gearbox oil cooling via laminova

Odyssey race battery, with external cut off.

Air conditioning removed.

Let me know if you, or anyone else might be interested.


My favourite picture from a few years back. Sills have since been tidied up :slight_smile:

Amazing spec! GLWS

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

That’s an epic car for someone, good luck with the sale :thumbup:

Hope you find a garage for sale/rent :thumbup:

Slight price drop. Now £36k.

Had a few enquiries mainly from Holland and France, but hoping it goes to someone closer to home so that I can still see it being used as intended. Also had someone offer me a swap with a Corvette. Interesting, but if it had been a Caterham I might have been more tempted :slight_smile:.

Another small price drop £35k. Most of the interest continues to have been from abroad. Would be great to see the car sold in the UK and perhaps see it at exiges.com trackdays.

Bump, now £34,500.

Bump in case anyone is interested ahead of this year’s track days season.
Car is out of storage and now has a fresh MOT.

Looking good on collection this morning.

Sure is!

Deposit taken. End of an era. Not sure quite how I feel.

Exactly how I felt with mine, was a bit like loosing a dear friend, but at the time I knew it was the right thing.

Felt the same when i sold my BEC Westfield and the S1 Elise. Would feel the same selling this S2 Exige and doesn’t help looking at an empty garage space.

Congrats on the sale, I’ve put more than a couple of people in your direction. No idea if it’s one of those references coming to fruition, but it was a great buy for whoever has snagged it.

I suppose congrats are in order but let’s hope that lovely machine is not lost us here on exiges.com.:+1:

Know the feeling.
Time for a change.
Onward and upward

Thanks folks, will definitely be a change, but fortunately empty garage isn’t going to be an issue. Resisting the temptation to buy something silly is likely to be more of a problem.
Decided that for this year I’m going to keep the powder dry and rent for trackdays, then decide what I want to do next year.
Feels quite liberating to be able to think about just turning up and driving. Will be good to try some different options.

Be interesting to see what the Emira is like, however, it’s more likely that I’ll go for something more track orientated to complement the other cars.