S2 Exige 240 PP - Isotope Green

Hi, after 13 years of ownership it’s time to say goodbye to my S2 Exige. It has provided so many fabulous experiences and trips of a lifetime – but now it has to go to fund some private education for my son. However; it would be nice to see it go to a fellow enthusiast :blush:

It’s a 2008 S2 240 Performance Pack in Isotope Green with the 260bhp Lotus upgrade, black leather/alcantara, 48k miles and 3 owners. I have had it upgraded by Lotus specialists Back-on-Track and Hoffmans to be a lightweight Lotus rocket ship on road and track.

240 Performance Pack options: AP Racing Big Brake Kit, twin oil coolers, traction control, full-length roof scoop, sports wheels.

Factory options: Sports seats, electric windows, air-con, sports carpets.

Enhancements and upgrades: Nitron 1-way adjustable dampers, 2Bular 4-2-1 exhaust manifold and 8inch GT3 silencer, Pro Alloy Radiator, Reverie carbon rear wing, Reverie carbon rear diffuser, Reverie carbon centre tunnel, extended front splitter, removable Momo steering wheel, Schroth harnesses, TRD airbox, G pan baffled sump, uprated anti roll bar and track rod ends.

Easily the best car I have ever owned… hold on, is private education all it’s cracked up to be…

That’s stunning.
Sell a kidney… Child still has education and you can still drive the Exige.

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Hi, keen on the exige, had a sprint and regrets in selling. Where are you based


07508 907003

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Hi Nick, I’m in Maidenhead.

Toby, shame you are having to sell, I know how much I regretted selling mine, glad to say it is back in my garage. In a few years you may have the chance to own another or do what I did and buy a cheaper Elise
Great car for whoever manages to buy it

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