S2 Engine question

Hi, firstly i’m new here, (i’m not sure the best place for this thread though) I saw the website address on a rather beautiful black Exige S1 that came in for a service at Bell & Colvill on Saturday, I spent ages lusting over it inbetween jobs. The owner should be very proud of the car, and i’m guessing they are a member here too!

Anyway, my question: As you are probably aware by now I work at Bell & Colvill (saturday job, but moving to full-time in september) and I am looking at getting hold of a Elise/Exige S2 engine, I could get a normal Toyota block, but I want the Lotus tune, and this is to be fitted to a Westfield which I am purchasing in the near future. What I want to know is, would anyone here know the engine type number (ie RB26_DETT), because I need to know this and if Westfield can make fitting suitable for the engine, and I am not going back to B&C until Tuesday and Wednesday to help out, and I want the info before then.

I have always loved the Exige (both S1 and S2), but insurance has stopped me, so the Westfield will suffice until I can afford Exige insurance!

many thanks in advance!

It’s the same as the Celica lump in every detail except that Lotus have done the “tuning” in the ECU only AFAIk…

The engine is the 2ZZ-GE (it’s smaller bro is the 1ZZ-FE in the MR-S)… the 2ZZ is the block and the GE is the head.

My old MR2’s were a 4A-GE then I also had 4A-GZE (supercharged) and a 3S-GE (or the 3S-GTE was the turbo )… So a 2ZZ-GTE would be the TC’d version and a 2ZZ-GZE would be SC’d


Thanks, that was quite interesting, maybe I could shoehorn a 240R engine in
although I think I should stick to being a little sensible, I never understood the codes before, and thanks for giving me the information about the engine, and the aspiration types of GTE and GZE