S2 Elise Sport 190 Engine / Box Forsale

S2 Sport 190 Engine / Box forsale

Hi all, just thinking of doing a Honda conversion on my 2003 S2 Factory 190 Sport (Car No. 19) and was wondering what the engine, ecu, gearbox (with LSD) and all the bits like throttle bodies, carbon air box, Lotus sports exhuast etc etc would be worth to someone? The car is a April 2003 with 4k, no track use and has had it’s first year service. Car can be checked out and driven before conversion if any one is interested. Offers? Have been told the mapping is loads better than the standard Exige S1 engine, also the power output is over 190bhp but i’ve never had the car on the rollers to check



I’d have said �3-4k from the numbers that have been knocking about here.

Interested on the mapping comment. I’d have thought we’d have heard if it was that much better as I’d have thought it could be retro-fitted to the S1 Exige as I believe it’s the same/v.similar VHPD engine set-up.

Also, you may be interested in the 340R report in the Fast Fleet section of the latest EVO mag. The 190 engine it had clearly wasn’t.


I have heard that the Elise 190 is a big improvement over the Exige in terms of drivability. How they acheive this is I’m not quite sure but it wouldn’t be difficult!

I will send you a private message re: engine value as I have just sold mine…

As i dont get the mags, what was up with the 340 engine then ?

Yep, isn’t that the same as the Exige S1 as well?

The point being that it missed the bhp by some margin, 10bhp or something. It was down on torque too. Dave Walker was doing the measurements and is on the case to fix it.


ahhh thanks, yep very common !

“also the power output is over 190bhp but i’ve never had the car on the rollers to check”

How is this known then - a static dyno session at Lotus ?

I (and others if I recall correctly) think the bhp increases as the engine loosens up at about 10k.


Hi, as you can tell i’m no expert of K series engines (or any other engine) i was only going from posts on the seloc.org forums. I think Lotus spent a very long time sorting the maps on the S2 Elise sport 190 and made sure all the cars left with more than 190bhp. I think they had LOTS of hassle from s1 Exige and 340 owners over claimed power outputs.


Anybody know if this map would work on an S1 Exige then?


The engines are all different when they leave the factory, in terms of tolerances etc, so it stands to reason that a rolling road and an Emerald is bound to get more power and better driveability, compared to a one size fits all…

I would not want to risk using their map…

I would not want to risk using their map…

I don’t understand?

If you had a Lotus ECU, why would you not want to risk using a potentially better map on Lotus’ own engine, surely that’s potentially something for nothing (or whatever it costs to implement the map). Alright it may not be as good as an Emerald, but if you want to stay pure Lotus, why wouldn’t it be a good thing (if it was possible)?


Hi again, as i said before i’m no expert but i think my car (the S2 190 Sport Elise) has a number of different things over the S1 Exige etc. First i think the Ecu is different, not just a different map. I think it’s a different make? Also i was told that after the problems getting the quoted power with the S1 Exige they built all the engines themselfs ‘in house’. Didn’t PTP and some other companies build the S1 Exige engines?


The S2 190 Ecu I saw had Rover stamped on it, it looks very similar to the standard Rover ecu fitted to an Elise, I think the S1 Ecu is the same thats used by Lotus in the Esprit.


Spot on Dave

I guess they re-did the loom for the S2 190 then and hence retro-fitting it’s ECU to the S1 Exige is a bit tricky?


No more difficult than fitting the Emerald


still available?

may be interested. You can email me on [email protected]