S2 driving lamps

I’ve asked for the dealer to install driving lamps prior to delivery and he’s had to call his Field Service Representative as they don’t appear to be available for the Exige in North America (available for the Elise, it’s not an approved equipment issue).

The FSR states there’s not another S2 Exige grill available to accomodate them, but recommended that the grill can be trimmed without removing the front clam.

Question is, when you have yours installed in the UK, do they just trim the grill or replace it with an alternate one (like the Elise). If so, I’d prefer to source an alternate grill from the UK.

I’d like the driving lamps but am a bit put off at the thought of cutting something up on a new car before I’ve even driven it. Already asked the dealer what a grill costs, in case I’d like to revert some day.

btw - just prepping, no idea if she’s even on a boat yet but I did get the VIN last week!

As I understand it, a different grill is used when factory installed.

BTW it’s a PITA to get LOTUS to do this if you have not ordered the touring package.

Thanks for that!

I’ve spoken with an S2 owner here (in the States) who advised that his dealer had to source the grill from the UK. Apparently, the front clam has to come off as the grill is glued in place - aside from that, there’s not much to it.

Seems Lotus US just doesn’t have the grill yet.