S2 Coming to the USA

I apologize if this has already been posted, but a quick search revealed nothing.

But FINALLY, us lotus enthusiasts over here in the USA will be able to buy a road legal exige.

(scroll down just a little and you’ll see it)

The exige was shown at the New York Autoshow and was announced as a 2006 model available this fall. The ugly side markers are there (same as on the federal elise) but I’ll take what I can get! The other thing of note is that all USA exiges will come with a rollcage, is this standard on European S2 exiges?

anyway, I’m excited, though I know its not of any concern to most who read these forums.


Not heard of the rollcage - is this an F.I.A. compliant one ??

Was on the production line this morning having my second factory tour, watching mine get put together. VERY impressive and hand built. Cant beat it. A lot of the setup seemed geared for the US. You are going to LOVE the exige

no rollcage in UK exiges. not sure what you mean by side markers. Do you mean the reflectors on the wheel arches?

There’s something like that needed for the Federal Elise, so I guess so.


Hi Mele,

I’m in the Uk on a two year assignment and bought an Exige shortly after arriving. It is an amazingly wonderful automobile.

And I had to move to England so I could legally drive an Exige! Maybe now I won’t mind when my assigment ends and I have to move back to the states quite as much. I just hope they let me bring my Exige with me on my return.

Take care,


Mel - I can’t find any information about the roll cage coming w/ the US Exiges. That would be fantastic! Where did you hear about that?