S2 brake pedal

The most annoying thing is that brake pedal. I have heard that fitting different pads help. Is there another solution? E.g. like adjusting the brake pedal or accelerator for that matter or are a different set of pads my only option?

Jamie, try fitting RS 14’s first, that will give you a slightly harder, higher, pedal. I have got braided hoses all around, which gave a slightly harder still pedal. I am disappointed with the braideds, considering how much it cost to get them fitted, but am going to try and bleed them up a bit more and report back.

After getting many ‘they all do that sir’ I got the dealer to call Hethal and get some advice on the brake pedal. I had at least 2cm of travel without any bite making H&T a little difficult.
Picked the car up today and it was very different a hard, high pedal with no slack, better feel and perfect for H&T!
Will find out from the dealer what they did and post it, when I do.

Hi, I’ve just picked up my s2 exige and hate the brake pedal feel. As you say 2cm or more travel. What did you do to get it better???

Maybe I’m a little bit na�ve, this does seem a bit dodgy to me, but here goes;

If the first couple of centimetres don’t really do anything, can’t you just put in an end stop to prevent the pedal coming up so far.

It’s probably a stupid idea. I imagine the first couple of centimetres do in fact apply a bit of pressure to the pads, just not very much. I guess this would be a good way of overheating your pads and wearing them out prematurely.

Just seen your post
Basically there is a fair bit of adjustment in the pedal and brake assembly. Lotus apparently set it up with cr*p tolerances. In the USA they apparently adjust the brake pedal on the cars as they arrive.
Best bet is to take your car into the dealer and speak to the mechanic and if you have to make him ring Lotus in front of you. Lotus being Lotus if you do not get anywhere I will have a chat with the mechanic and see what the actual steps are.
PS Have done a track day since the adjustment and it makes a world of difference.

Brendan, if you did just lower the pedal you would then have the sam problems H&T.
The solution on my car means the two pedals are almost at the same hight when pressure is being aplied to teh brake pedal

There is a dealer fix/improvement, but i’m not yet sure how effective it is. I’ll post my views after a first service sometime soon.

Importantly though, it’s best left to the dealers just now, as even the oldest toyota powered cars must have a least 9 months warranty left. If we all complain enough maybe a suitable fix will materialise

Or are my ‘Lotus approved’ rose tinted specs just misting over


Or are my ‘Lotus approved’ rose tinted specs just misting over

Well and truely steamed up I’d say!

If it ain’t broke…