S2 brake feel - how to improve?

Hi there.

I find the pedal a bit wooden and lacking feel/progression. Doesn’t really inspire much confidence, although it is early days with the car. Maybe I need to just get used to it more, but to be honest my E55 has more brake feel.

How much an inprovement does the braided hose upgrade give?

any help much appreciated


Adrian, change the pads, the Lotus ones have no initial bite whatsoever. It was the first thing I did to mine when I got it home. Try RS14’s, or Mintex 1155/1166. I have the Pagids and they are superb!. I am about to get the braided hoses, so I will let you know on that one.


I feel the same about mine, so I’ve scheduled Plans Motorsport to replace the pads with Pagid RS14s and the brake lines with stainless braided. One thing to bear in mind is that the brake lines job requires the removal of the front clam.

It’s probably a good idea to get some miles on new discs first so that when get the new pads they can be bedded properly.

Let us other S2 owners know if you learn anything else.



Thanks for the advice guy’s - nice to know it s not just my imagination too.