S2 AP ( standard ) brake caliper fixing bolts

Hi all.

When I took apart my calipers I noted a “spacer” solid washer that lives between the caliper and the hub.

Is this normal?

My car is a 04 S2 exige without ABS.

I think I have AP racing caliper bolts as mine are textured like these

I am now on the seriouslotus setup so should I stick with the AP Racing caliper bolts? Where do I get them from? I want to replace mine as they look a bit crusty and one is slightly rounding.

I think these are the replacement bolts?

I am still curious about the small spacer I have …

I think I am answering my own question here…

Nope, there are no spacers required

No spacers on mine mate, I assume it’s to allow for a bigger disc setup as in theory clamping on the disc further from the rotational centre applies more braking force… But I’ve never heard of it as an OEM setup.

This is exactly my thoughts [mention]Fonzey[/mention]

I had non OE discs on it ( measurements TBC ) with the spacers on. I have ordered some new bolts , new wheels bolts, oil filter and air filter so Ill get them changed over pronto.

What size discs are you running?
What calipers?

Your ones - S2 Alloy Belled Grooved Brake Discs
AP standard calipers

Spacers are then to allow for larger disks, depending on the spacer\disk size you might require longer bolts :wink:

That was my understanding as well Adey. I have OEM size discs on now ( albeit two piece ) so Ill remove the spacers.