S2 aero specifically rear end

I am trying to understand why there is a mesh on the rear hatch of a s2.

Is this due to a requirement / improvement on rear visibility ?

Is it for passive heat evaporation when still and is a low pressure zone when moving?

My asking is based on optimising cold air to the air filter. Is the filter getting a CAF from the vents. Or slightly less so from the side pod?

That brings me onto the next question. Add the side pods functional or cosmetic?

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I would say they are for heat management, athletics and rear visibility came naturally.

The stock and TRD air filter is fed from the side to get cooler air away from the engine. The side pods assist this as well as the design of the car. The side pods definitely assist cooler air to the filter.

You could always fit a 340r snorkel :wink:


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I would say they are because they are cheap. And some heat discharge. But mainly cheap.
Non supercharged cars it did help rear view, factory supercharged cars, not so much as there was an intercooler in the way. But same boot lid, vents, etc.
Side pods definitely work. It can be really gross pulling ‘stuff’ out of the air filter housing when changing the filter come service time :face_vomiting:

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Useful info John. I guess as well mesh is lighter than GRP?