S2 Aerial Routing + Schematics ?

Does anyone know the routing of the radio aerial on the S2 ? I’ve recently had a satnav installed and then the front came off for some brake upgrades and now the radio reception has gone (important as I like to listen to Radio 4 while queuing in the pitlane )

The installer has proven that the new unit is fine, looks like the signal is not coming into the aerial connector anymore so I’m hoping that there is an intermediate connector somewhere in the front that has been left undone when the front was off.

While on the topic, does anyone know of a schematic being available for the S2 in general ?


Isn’t it in the front hatch or something?


the aerial is under the central lip of the front clam.
I don’t have any reception either. The wire of the aerial is disconnected, and and don’t find the other end. Does anybody know where it goes (the connection that goes into the dashboard, but where ???)