S1 wheels

Ok, now that I conviced myself to buy a second set of tyres, comes the question on which wheels they should be fitted. Looking at different sites of Lotus suppliers, I cannot find a lot of possibilities - hence my questions.
Are the original wheels still available - Lotus or Rimstock ?
Are there substitutes - speedline Corse or others ?
They have to fit standard car with original tyres width.
Many thanx for your input.

There should be plenty of sets of second hand Rimstocks around. Just be aware that some that came from the racing series have a different offset.

I’m not too familiar with Rimstock competition - would you be kind enough to tell me which offset do they use ? Thank you.

Also, I noticed that my 2 front wheels are not 100% identical. Difference lies in the diameter of the holes in which pass the wheel studs (as seen from the inner part of the wheel). On one this diameter is almost 2 times the stud dia. Does anyone have an explanation ? As part of the clam has been resprayed, a wheel replacement could have happened.

Have you seen the set for sale on PH?


Yes, but I was under the impression that Rimstock were heavy, and that magnesium wheels were not recommended for everyday use. I could consider buying a set of new wheels, as most people selling 2nd hand are not very keen to send them abroad - which I understand fully.

I wouldn’t buy a 2nd hand set of rimstocks without having the ability to have spun them up to make sure they are not buckled. They aren’t the strongest things in the world.

I have heard people say that you shouldn’t use mags as an every day thing, but I dont see why. I have been running a set of mag rims on my scooby ever since I have had it!

Thank you Sean. May I ask which model do you use ?

I dont run the standard diameters or widths or offsets or PCD anymore, so probably not of much help.

Standard are ET7 for the fronts and ET5 for the rears.

Sorry to be such a newbie, but if I understand correctly, here are some affirmations and questions :
Rimstock for the Exige are only sold through Lotus network
they are still obtainable in new condition from Lotus
there are virtually no replacement wheels - meaning in correct PCD and offsets, except a few one-offs (like the Speedline Corse wheels)
Please feel free to tell me if I’m correct or not - thanx !

dont even think you can get rimstocks new anymore, so its a good set of second hand wheels I’m afraid.

(sure someone will be along to correct me if thats not correct)

Uhmmm… Seems cheap as price for 4 wheels still listed by Lotus suppliers would be twice as this…

Have contacted them without success - quoted :
Thanks for your e mail but unfortunately we don’t have any.
Kind regards
Amber Widdett

The alternative approach is to buy a set of s/h ones and get them refurbed at Rimstock (who are close to JSR). They put them back on the production line so they are stipped, checked and effectivly remanufactured and come out like new. I’ve had mine done a couple of times (I used to have them white before I saw the error of my ways :wink: )

Hmmm or we could come to an arrangement and I’ll buy Graham’s Speedlines…?

Thanx Benja - can I ask a gross figure of refurbishing cost please ? Yeah, black is beautiful :wink:

From memory it was about �250.

OK - apparently there are still some new front Rimstock in stock at Lotus, price around � 500 VAT included

Each or a pair?

You must be kiddin’ :wink:
Each of course