S1 Wheels - What are the available options?

I have a set of the factory Rimstock’s and I know you can get S1 Exige TMR’s…but what else suit this crazy stud pattern and offset?

Revolution wheels make them with the near enough correct offset and pcd. No idea if they are any good, they can’t be heavier than the Rimstocks. I think TMRs are very rare and expensive.

Cheers. Is anybody else running any other wheels? it does seem extremely limiting for choice!

Other option is the Speedlines. :thumbup:

I know someone got Team Dynamic wheels custom made that weren’t horrendously expensive.

I also found these wheels from Italy, forged and made by a company called NTM. I contacted them and got this response:

These are our PistaIII forged wheels, custom made for Lotus Exige S1 or S2 application.

Our offer is:

nr. 2 wheels size 7,5Jx16" euro 1.098,00
nr. 2 wheels size 9Jx17" euro 1.172,00

Total amount euro 2.270,00 VAT included
Lead time, 4-6 working weeks from the confirm of the order.

Cool looking wheels and pretty unique, if I had the money I would!

If only I could find some . . .

There was so also Compomotive M0 wheels for the s1, I had set. Heavy but no longer made. I think the revolutions are the only ones you can get easily at a sensible price, £700ish a set.

Cheers guys, yes…Speedlines would be lovely, just not the drug money people want for them!
Those Pistalll wheels do look very nice, spendy…but nice!
I know there are Team Dynamics wheels for the S2, would be interested in seeing some on a S1

Any other photos of different wheels would be great too.

Hope these help.

Team dynamics

Compomotive (curved)

Braid Forged

Bonus (probably S2 hubs or adapters)

Cool, Thanks James. Can’t say I’m a massive fan of the “BBS Style” bonus wheels :crazy:

Speedline flat 5 spoke are by far the best wheel for the S1 in my opinion (wish i had some) had to settle for cup 260’s instead and changing uprights.

TMR’s in all black look good, as do those curved 5 spoke Mo’s

Love those Braids.

I bought a set last year from Italy. I know of another set in Malaysia too. I don’t yet have a car to actually fit them to though. :laughing: