S1 Vs S2 - Who wins?

Dear All,

I suppose this could have been written about already in an earlier post, but I would love someone to tell me that two seriously good drivers have had a go against eachother on a track…and importantly what was the result?

I know the S2 has longer gears and bigger top-end , chassis refinements and ABS etc, but the S1 has approx 100kg less to lug around , has the same 190bhp and closer ratios.

So against the clock, which is quicker around the track?!


hears the cracking open of a can of worms

My prediction:

  • Track with no long straights = S1 (as S2 has less drag and therefore higher top speed with the same power)
  • Wet track = S2 (due to its ABS)
  • Bumpy circuit = perhaps S2 (better suspension)
  • Average driver = S2 (probably easier to get the best out of it)
  • Fast (dry) bends = S1 (downforce & weight advantage)

Exige S1 or S2 vs. Anything else (with a roof) for less than �50k = Exige