S1 VHPD Air filter/air box question

So, after a long time on the ramp (please dont ask), my S1 Exige is finally hitting the road. Its fully rebuilt with new suspension, wishbones, balljoints etc…all the usual stuff.

I have some questions on the intake air filter side of things. I have an airbox that is the sort of plastic “Lotus Performance” one and I have the carbon fibre one which is similiar size etc. It looks to me like they both use the cone type filter but I’d like to know if there is an alternative set up, or can I still get the cone filter if that is all that is available? Ideally I’d like to get a different box to get a panel fileter etc.

I’m running the VHPD with the standard throttle bodies etc.

Any help or suggestions would be very welcome. My current Lotus/Pipercross backplate part number is A340E60024 or L0990004 (I think this is right but its hard to read).

Thanks in advance for your help.


hangar 111 sell a cone filter for the original box, it fits into the 150mm hose. the original one had two sock type filters

I am using a single Hangar 111 cone filter on mine.


Magic…thanks all. I shall have a look at that today.

The foam cone seems a bit flimsy to me for stones etc posibly getting through, especially if I am only running the single cone. Hopefully this will be a bit more resilient.


My Exige S1 is running with the lotus A340E6004F foam cone shaped filter, fitted this year after the original disintegrated whilst the car was in lay-up.

Originally my Exige had two of these cone filters fitted, one was removed along with the resonator valve by the Lotus garage when the first service was carried out.

As flimsy as it looks in the 64,000 or so miles the original cone filter was in use, it was never been penetrated by.

Good hunting.

PS, the original backplate for the carbon fibre and composite airbox part numbers are A340E6002F and L0990004, picture included.