S1 throttlle


I,ve got a S1 exige K series engine when changing down the box and blipping the throttle there is no response in 3,4 or 5 gear. It is fine when at a standstill or changing from second to first.

Any ideas ?


What’s the ECU?


Most odd - must be related to speed … can you blip it when in neutral when doing a reasonable speed - say 50 ?

When I had my ECU wheel speed sensor woes omce reset it only used to kick in after I had been into 3rd gear. Maybe unrelated but it’s gotta be worth a look at that/clean.

Its the standard ECU.

I tried it again and there is some hesitation when blipping the throttle while it is stationary.

When you are in third and stick your foot down the engine dies you have to lift off and then it chimes in and accelerates. at a standstill it will rev cleanly if you are gently but if you give it a big prod it just dies.

Could it be a plug or ignition lead breaking down.

I have only driven the car a few times so do not know if it did this before.

The flap in the air intake has been removed so would this affect it.

Thanks for any help.

Might be worth checking the MAP sensor tubings have not got splits in any of them - they are the small dia rubber tubings located on inlet manifold…

The TPS is also a likely culprit…


I have had a look at the hoses they are all good.
The next thing will be to remove all the connectors and spray with WD 40 if that does not work I suppose the only thing is to swap out the sensors. I will let you know how it goes.