S1 Steering rack

Hello All,
I need a new steering rack on my Exige S1. I have heard it is a different one (2.3 turns lock to lock) than the one on Elise S1, is that true ? (ie can I buy an Elise one).
Is it better to go for an OEM one from Lotu$$$ or buy one from for example Geary:

Send it off for reconditioning, be much cheaper and good as new, no need to replace it. Its not a specialist part, just a simple rack. I’ve done this on many occasions on other cars.

Lotus Motorsport do an uprated one. It is the same ratio just a lot stronger. I can’t remember how much it was, but it wasn’t loads.

Thanks Jason for info but I am changing from RHD to LHD so need a new one…
Thanks SeanB, will get in touch with Lotus then. Any feedback on the Eliseparts one ?

The racks ara made by Titan motorsport contact them they are really helpfull and Zoe in sales has a sexy voice