S1 Spots Wanted

Has anyone got a pair of S1 spots lying around they want to sell? Broke mine yesterday at Bruntingthorpe

When you fix the replacements, also get the plastic covers, which are virtually indisructable.

In fact, I didn’t eneough bother fixing mine, I just put the covers over them. Much cheaper. Although guess what? I was the unbroken one that’s stopped working now. So, if anybody has TWO sets of spots…


I put the more expensive thicker ones on the Elise.

I got some very cheapo ones for the Exige (Like Yoghurt pot tops - yes I throw away better packaging on a daily basis) and had no prob so far - only about �6 from Eliseparts??? cant remember - I slept since then

thanks guys, I’ll certainly put the covers on when I eventually get round to fitting new lights

I have now bought some spots and covers, was being a tight git