S1 Shockers - are they Sha@@ed?

Hi Chaps - my motor has done 43K miles on the standard fit units. I assume they will be goosed after that mileage? If I dont know any better (have not driven another to compare)how would I know they were bolloxed?

I just changed the springs and shockers on the front of the Elan as I saw one of them was leaking a tad and it seemed to be diving too much when hitting the brakes hard. The difference with the new units was not just noticable it totally transformed the car into an animal - just need to bin the wang chung ditch finders for some proper rubber.

So are they likely to be shot and if so whats the most cost effective option for new units. I cant afford loads of tracking if any at all so dont have to be top of the range units.

Also my Mister 2 has done nearly 100K and it seems to drive exactly as well as it did when I bought it all on the same suspension???



Hmmm, drive or pax in another car to feel the difference.
If shagged, the most cost effective one would be another set of (barely used) LSS, or one step up, Nitrons one ways.

I happen to know where there is a set lying around…

Yep, popular opinion says they don’t last too much beyond this, but obviously depends on type of usage.

Leaking, mega roll, pitching and funny suspension sounds (other than the yip) point to worn LSS dampers. Could always try the pre MOT check of bouncing a corner and see how long it takes to settle! Not sure it works on something as light as an Exige though!

As others have said, try to pax in another to see if you feel any difference.

cheers Russ

I’ll bolt it back together and let someone who knows better have a go with it first