s1 seats

i have a v v v good condition pair of seats from my s1 elise jps, they are black leather with a gold sude back and bottom …what are they worth? �50 100 200 any ideas? thanks…i still need some exige seats please help and how much would i be spending? thanks

Genuine Lotus Sports Seats for the S1 Exige are leather & alcantara, & retailed @ �1500 each.

Alternative, sort of similar, seats can be bought at Lotus Elise, Exige, 2-Eleven Parts & Tuning - Hangar 111

lots then, prob gonna go for corbau seats from deamon tweeks, �380 ish each inc vat.

what about my standard elise s1 seats any ideas?

Will Corbeau seats fit?
Please post if they do.

yes, straight onto origional runners, just under 800 inc vat

i did’nt think a pair would fit side by side


I had the Corbeau fitted in my Elise 160. Two of the sports seats with the shoulder height wings will not fit side by side, so the passenger seat was re-trimmed to match the drivers (nice!).
I am just 6 feet tall and I found I needed to modify the fixing points to get the seat back far enough even to get the legs under a Momo team 300mm wheel. The seat also raises the driving height a bit so head banging was a feature… so drove with the roof off lots!

Seat is the biz however! Lots more lateral support than the Lotus Motorsport seats IMHO and no probs with longer drives either!


they are a new seat called le pro, i think, they are a syraight swap and have been assured buy d tweeks they are no prob at all.

Has anyone managed to fit these Corbeau Le-Pro seats? They look almost identical to the original motorsport seats only with cheaper coverings.